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March 18, 2012
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TWD Losing Sophia - Daryl Dixon by Trunk-of-monkeys TWD Losing Sophia - Daryl Dixon by Trunk-of-monkeys
Finally finished... and with just 2 hours until the season finale! How I imagine Daryl Dixon would grieve over the loss of Sophia. I love the badass element of Daryl but there is this really deep sense of vunerabilty. I wrote a short prompt after I came up with the idea to explain.
Hope it is well recieved!

(should also add, the "house" is the one from "Cherokee Rose" one of the last places that daryl had hope)


"The house was clear. Each room scouted for any trace of reanimated corpses. It was silent and he could hear the shutters clapping—an afterthought of the late summer wind. With that the hunter fell to his knees, allowing racking sobs to overtake him.

Daryl Dixon wasn’t one to crumble. His lack of a nurturing environment as a child was proven crucial as the world around him—and the people in it—rotted to their cores. So long as he kept quiet, and strong, focused on surviving, there was no room for emotions.

But now as he crouched in the empty house, walls hung crookedly with photos of people long since gone did he allow himself a moment to grieve.

Sophia was gone. He knew she had been for a while. Through his teary fog Daryl could see the faint finger-bruising along his forearm, where days earlier Carol had held onto him desperately as he had held her back; not knowing what else to do as he watched the staggering flesh-hungry thing—its face pale and gaunt with death—emerge from the mid-afternoon shadows. It bore Sophia’s clothes, her shoes ... her flesh and rotting blood...but not her soul, that was long gone.

Daryl retched at the memory, his body rolling and binding on his knees. Without the search for Carol’s girl he was left without purpose. Sophia was his one hope for a miracle in this world. He let out a visceral scream letting his fists beat against the well-worn floor, Splinters battering his knuckles bloody."

(half traditional work (inked by hand/ coloured digitally via gimp)
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